You must be over the age of 18 to make your own decision.
You must have a strong belief of Success.
You must be able to keep secrets to yourself.
You must believe that money is power.
You must be aware that your name sounds in the list of celebrities and super-rich.
You must have goals and desires of your dreams in life.
You must be able to read/respect/understand the prayers of the Illuminati.
You must have aim for joining the society.

If you have read everything and decide to join the brotherhood, kindly follow the steps below

Contact us by filling the form on the join page or whatsApp the initiation master using the number at the site
The initiation master will forward a membership form to you by email or WhatsApp. Make sure you fill it out clearly and return so that it will be submitted to the grand Master for confirmation
The grand Master will contact you directly within two days to confirm whether your application is successful or not. Note that no individual has any influence over the decision.
Successful applicants will have to pay an initiation fee  which is also known as the molanta of Genesis or the origin of success which says in the Red book Ox-75 that nothing brings nothing while something goes for something.
For successful applicants, the masters will schedule a date for your installation ceremony and on the installation date, we will come to your country with some members including your initiator for your installation.
Your membership card will be facilitated and issued to you immediately after your payment has been confirmed so that you will present it to our agents before having access to the installation ground.


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How to Join Illuminati Today

The Illuminati is one among the world’s most illustrious secret organizations that rules the planet most secret power.A member of a global order established for mutual facilitate and fellowship,that holds elaborate secret ceremonies area unit referred to as the brother.
The Internet offers the means that to succeed inan incredible variety of individual search quickly and simply,that is right away a blessing.many folk shavea minimum of detected of the term “Illuminati,”that is sweet. However,attributable to wide spread conspiracy theories,a big portion of what they need detected regarding the Illuminati is among the needs of this web site is to assist completely different persons of various standing to affix straight by revealing truth nature of the Illuminati.– Join illuminati – how to become illuminati – Join The Illuminati Online – 

How To Join Illuminati

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